Touring broadway

Touring Broadway Ticket Guide

What is Touring Broadway?

For more than a century, Broadway has been considered the pinnacle of live theatrical entertainment. Broadway is where America's greatest playwrights, composers, lyricists, actors, singers, dancers, directors, designers, and choreographers bring great plays and musicals to life. Touring Broadway encompasses first-class, professional productions that bring these shows to fans across North America. Each year, Touring Broadway productions visit as many as 240 different cities in the US and Canada.

Are touring shows the same as their New York counterparts?

Most touring shows begin on Broadway in New York, and the productions on "the road" are substantially the same as what audiences in the Big Apple see. Some make minor alterations in the scenery and technical elements that enable them to move to a different city at the end of each engagement. Other shows are created specifically to tour, often by the same artists and producers who mount Broadway productions.

What different kinds of Broadway shows go on tour?

The Broadway musical is one of America's greatest art forms, and most shows currently on national tour are musicals. Plays tour too, including comedies, dramas, and classics. In addition, the menu of touring shows can include solo performances and various kinds of special events and spectacles.

Is there a Touring Broadway season?

Touring Broadway shows perform all year round, though individual theatres may offer "seasons" of shows that typically last from autumn to spring. Others present summer seasons. Check out the listings for theatres in your area for details.

How do I get tickets?

The best way to get tickets is to visit the theatre's box office. That way, you'll be buying seats directly from the source, and you'll avoid phone and Internet service charges. If you prefer to purchase tickets by telephone or on-line, make sure you are dealing with the theatre's official ticketing office by following the links from this site. You'll be able to check availability on any date you choose, select your exact seat locations, and then purchase your tickets immediately.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes! Many theatres offer subscription packages, which is the best way to guarantee that you will be able to get tickets to shows that might otherwise sell out. Individual tickets may also be available - but they often sell out, so it's best to purchase well in advance.

What are "Group Sales" tickets?

Local theatres offer blocks of tickets to groups of theatregoers attending the same performance. Groups usually consist of 10-15 patrons or more. Check each theatre's page on this site to find out how to arrange group sales.

How do I get student tickets (also referred to as "Student Rush")?

Some touring Broadway venues have student ticket policies. Typically, in order to receive a student discount, ticket buyer should show valid student identification. "Rush" tickets are available only at the last minute, if there are unsold seats left. Check the theatres' official websites for more information.

How long are Touring Broadway shows? Are there intermissions?

Most shows run between two and 2-1/2 hours. To find out the running time of a particular show, visit the show's page on this site. Longer shows have at least one intermission.

Why is photography prohibited during the show?

Photography (with or without flash) and recording devices of any kind are prohibited by law. They are distracting and potentially dangerous to the actors, as well as to your fellow audience members.

Do I need to prepare in advance?

No, but it can be a lot of fun to learn something about a show before seeing it on stage. For musicals, listen to the cast album. You may enjoy browsing through the educational materials most shows post on their official websites. And many theatres offer education programs for kids and even adults.

Can I bring my children to the theatre, and what shows are right for my kids?

Most theatres welcome children over 4 years of age. Many touring Broadway shows are perfect for family audiences; others require parental discretion. Check out the show's website for guidance, as well as for educational materials that will help you discuss the show with your kids. Individual theatre websites will help you determine which of their many offerings are right for each age group.